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Construction Equipments

Building Construction Equipments

To ensure the development of durable and modern styled construction of buildings, an architect or contractor or builder needs high-tech Building Construction Equipments. These equipments are designed from the heavy-duty spares to ensure maximum sturdiness, comfortable working environment and high-end durability. These equipments are designed to work even in harshest weather conditions to make the builders able to carry out the construction tasks and processes of residential to commercial with high-end efficacy and professionalism.

Surveying Instruments

When any project needs precise and faster surveying of land, these Surveying Instruments provide the best results. These modern surveying instruments enable the users to carry out the survey work in exact and faster manner without leaving any corner of error. These advanced tools are highly compact and portable in nature, hence can be easily moved from one site to the other. In addition, they are light in weight yet durable ensure to work for years.

Lab Equipments

For carrying out any chemical process for research, production, and other processes, high-quality and reliable Lab Equipments are required. They are designed to provide a sturdy and trusted set-up to conduct perfect experiment with complete safety. These equipments are ideal to meet all the experiment needs of physics, chemistry and biology. From incubators, autoclaves to microscopes, every single equipment is available in different sizes and specifications for making the researching process faster and easier.

Building Lift & Hoist

Building Lift & Hoist is a highly efficient and safe way to transport people as well as materials on a construction site. These equipments are perfect to enhance the speed, productivity and safety of the users at the construction site. They are available in different load capacities to easily withstand the load up to 3 to 2 tons. In addition, the heights of the hoist or lift can be increased up t o 350 m (1150 ft).

Building Material Lift

To maximize the security and safety of materials during transportation at the construction, manufacturing and other sites, Building Material Lift is the perfect choice. This is well-equipped with high-end safety and mechanical security device to lend complete protection to the materials. This comes with a heavy-duty motor brake to enhance the performance in a professional manner. In addition, it is available with a working height of 18 Mtr. and speed limit of 15 mtr./min.

Building Maintenance System

Whether you own a high-rise apartments or a small home, you need to maintain your home to enhance its life and value. This collection of Building Maintenance System is designed to get the job of the building maintenance done at a very brisk pace and with high precision. This provides a range of products designed to meet the demands of maintaining lighting fixtures and bulbs, appliance parts, window and door hardware, plumbing parts, etc.

Scaffold Tower

Scaffold Tower is the best alternatives to ladders with large work platforms that comfortably fit a worker along with a necessary tools as well as materials. This stiff and stable working platform provides a much safer and secured environment to work. With self-supporting and free-standing structure systems, it eliminates the risk of falling and slipping of worker which may happen with ladders. In addition, it is versatile in nature and needs less repositioning.


For us, quality is the supreme concern that we offered in the form of our products. Thus, our professional uses high grade raw materials and modern machineries, act in accordance with set industrial norms and guidelines. The high level of precision in our products helped our customers to keep faith on us.