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Industrial Doors & Entrance Automation

High Speed Industrial Doors

High Speed Industrial Doors are safe, fast and efficient doors used in any internal and external busy doorways. They ensure simple operations at a very high speed with automatic components and well-connected designs. These doors are designed using heavy-duty raw materials to withstand high wind loads, pressure and temperature. In addition, they enhance the reliability of the operations with self-supporting structure. Speed adjustment can be done according to the need to ensure smooth and silent operations.

Industrial Overhead Sectional Door

Industrial Overhead Sectional Door is designed to meet different industrial and logistic needs to ensure to provide the best performance with highest ease. It comes with high-end lighting as well as vision options. The unique design of the door ensure to flawlessly suit any architectural environment be it modern or traditional. Moreover, it is designed to provide flexibility, ease and elasticity to ensure fast and hassle free usage.

Automatic Garage

Automatic Garage is one of the most practical choices to add complete safety, style and durability to the garages. This easy to use, modern and versatile equipment is designed to suite the esthetics of any kind of garage or home. The amalgamation of insulation and security properties make it ideal to be used. In addition, it is double skinned and highly insulated equipment designed to maintain a stable temperature inside.

Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter

Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter is designed to offer a clear view to the visitors of the stored products as well as images on display of the stores. It is developed to provide a transparency throughout the area to let the visitors know about the products and attract them to visit the store. This is ideally used in shops, arcades, bars, restaurants, and other places, where a combination of vision with complete security is needed.

Automatic Sliding System

Automatic Sliding System has become the need of today's living requirements with its magnetic levitation operating principle. This is designed with high-end technology to make it an exceptionally quiet operator. It provides outstanding level of protection and safety with its mechanical platform, robust design and ability to provide infinite control. It is widely used at supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, airports, shopping centers, stadiums, etc. to ensure smooth functions and noiseless sliding.


These low to high voltage motors are available from 2 to 24 poles. They are designed in different enclosures such as totally enclosed tube ventilated motors (tetv), closed air circuit water cooled (cacw), closed air circuit air cooled (caca), etc. These safe to use and hazardous free motors are highly energy efficient designed for special applications and equipment such as brakes, mills, pumps, etc. They are high-performance equipments ensure ease of installation and minimum cost of power transmission.

Boom Barrier

A Boom Barrier is a bar, gate, or pole designed to allow the boom to obstruct the vehicular access using a controlled point. It is designed to provide efficient security at the entry as well as exit points of different premises from offices, factories, complexes, condominiums to roadway entries. It comes with an inbuilt anti-crush safety device to stop the boom motion when it meets any obstruction. Moreover, it comes with a programmed auto-close option.

Full Height Turnstile

To manage the flow of visitors and secure the outdoor areas, Full Height Turnstile is suitable to be used. It works with the combination of card readers with powerful access control. With one hinge door, it provides barrier-free access in outdoors. It is designed with personal safety using end point locking. In addition, it comes with a perfect combination of roofs, crossbars, as well as guiding elements designed from high-grade stainless steel.

Tripod Turnstile

This Tripod Turnstile is designed to provide secured and safe crowd management in railway platforms, corporate offices, sports stadiums, and other places. It ensures to provide complete safety to the spaces with its efficient way to manage crowds and restrict entries effectively. It is designed with electro mechanical mechanism and bi-directional operational control. It is designed using mild steel powder coated materials with a self-centering mechanism having hydraulic damping and features of access control.


For us, quality is the supreme concern that we offered in the form of our products. Thus, our professional uses high grade raw materials and modern machineries, act in accordance with set industrial norms and guidelines. The high level of precision in our products helped our customers to keep faith on us.