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Our Products Range

Material Handling Equipments

Hand Pallet Trucks

These Hand Pallet Trucks are ideal to make the material handling works easy and flexible. These are designed to carry out different transportation modes such as horizontal transport, unloading, loading, stacking and order picking. They make the processes of movement of goods safe and efficient with very little labor or effort. They are perfect to carry out the transportation of load capacity of 3.0 tonnes. They are available with manual or electric drive.


A Stacker is a huge machine widely used in bulk material handling. This is designed to efficiently pile bulk material from limestone, ores to any agro products. It is available to travel between stockpiles in horizontally and vertically. It is used to stack products or goods in different patterns like cone and chevron stacking. It comes with semi or fully automatic options having programmable logic controller and a human-machine interface.

Drum Equipments

Drum Equipments are designed from heavy-duty steel with welded hand trucks to ensure to provide the users with ease and flexibility while moving hard and heavy maneuver drums. These equipments are available with heavy-duty pneumatic tires to be used on the rough surfaces easily. They are ideal to transport more than 55-gallon fiber, steel or plastic made drums. In addition, they can also weigh up to 40 pounds with load capacity up to 1,000 pounds.

Aerial Work Platform

An Aerial Work Platform (AWP) is a mechanical device widely used to offer temporary access for equipment or people to unapproachable areas. It is used for accessing purposes with flexible design for maintenance and construction work. In addition, it is also used by the firefighters for any emergency access as it can be lifted to a limited height. It is available with higher safe working load with the facility to be operated by a sole person.


Explore a wide range of Liftable to meet the elevating needs of homes, offices and other places. It is designed using high-end spares and powerful motors to make the lifting process of men and materials easy and swift. With safety valves and devices, it also provides complete safety to the users. In addition, the speed can be easily adjusted according to the need.

Hydraulic Floor Crane

Hydraulic Floor Crane is available in different designs and capacities having outstanding versatility to conduct different kinds of tasks and jobs. This is designed to provide greater mobility and ease in the applications during construction and other processes. It is developed with huge diameter steel wheels along with dual swivel casters. It comes with pivoted steering handle to ensure quick, precise and easy positioning with no workload on the operator.

Lifting Hoist

A Lifting Hoist is a device widely used for lowering or lifting a load using drum or lift-wheel on which rope as well as chain is wrapped. This hoist can be easily operated manually or electrically or pneumatically. In addition, it needs chain, fiber as well as wire rope as the lifting medium. The weight is linked by a lifting hook. It is available with high-end induction motor that ensures quiet operation and no servicing.


A conveyor is mechanical handling equipment used to move materials from one position to another. This is used to transport bulky or heavy materials with high-ease and flexibility. It ensures quick and competent transportation of a range of materials that make it highly demanded in the material handling as well as packaging sectors. This is available with enclosed tracks, power & free, towline as well as hand pushed trolleys.

Fork Lift

Fork Lift is a powered and precisely engineered industrial truck ideally used to lift, transport and move the materials between short distances. This has become a crucial piece of equipment in the domain of production, manufacturing and warehousing. It is managed by levers directly to manipulate the hydraulic valves. In addition, it can be electrically managed by controlled actuators. With different load capacities up to 5 tons, it provides the best performance of load lifting.

Hand Truck and Trolley

A Hand Truck and Trolley is ideally used in the processes of transportation of different items. This is designed to be lifted and transported easily from one place to another with minimum efforts. With this heavy-duty product, a number of items having varied dimensions and weights can be moved with ease. This ensures to make the transportation process more productive, and profitable with heavy-duty design, hard wearing and rugged structure.


For us, quality is the supreme concern that we offered in the form of our products. Thus, our professional uses high grade raw materials and modern machineries, act in accordance with set industrial norms and guidelines. The high level of precision in our products helped our customers to keep faith on us.