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Men & Material Lift Passenger Goods Lift

Construction Hoist

This Construction Hoist features galvanized enclosures as well as tower along with fully galvanized cars. It comes with manual controls, power cord trailing wheel, as well as power cable to ensure to provide the best performance. It can easily withstand the most difficult site conditions with rust proof designs. In addition, its safety valves and spares ensure to lift people and material on a construction site safely and efficiently.

Mast Climbing Platform

Mast Climbing Platform (MCP) has become the fastest, convenient as well as cost effective way to easily assess the scaffolding in the construction industry. This is designed to move freely in the directions of up and down with a fixed mast. In addition, it ensures to provide efficient access to different buildings of any size and height with its versatile and highly flexible design. It is also equipped with a mobile base chassis for bridge rehabilitation.

Men and Material Hoist

This heavy-duty Men and Material Hoist is ideal for easy transportation of labor or material to vertical heights of small as well as high rise buildings. This is designed with hard-wearing spares in 1-2 ton loading capacity. In addition, this is available with 30-36 m/min lifting speed that can be attained up to 300 meters maximum height. This low energy consuming hoist is available with powerful geared motors and self erecting mechanism.

Wall Mounted Stacker

Wall Mounted Stacker is versatile lifting equipment widely used in the construction industry. This is ideal to lift goods from one floor to another with high level of pace and complete safety. It is ideal to be installed in tight spaces with compact and portable size. In addition, strong & robust construction using high quality steel ensures safe as well as smooth travelling. It is also designed with modern hydraulic pump with heavy-duty twin chain to ensure high load stability.

Order Picker

This modern Order Picker is designed to deliver exceptional performance with versatile design and intuitive handling. It is an easy to maintain equipment available with a vast range of capabilities to ensure the best performance in different warehousing environments. With a highly powerful motor, I t is designed to run faster and smoother with safe operation. In addition, it can be availed up 36-volt units having various height as well as capacity configurations.

Home Lift

This unique Home Lift is available with small footprint, high-end drive mechanism as well as double rail technology to provide the efficient transportation performance. It comes with compact design and structure to easily fit into different spaces. It is designed with an intelligent electric motor to plug into a regular passage. With novel dual rail system, it ensures to carry the weight safely without any wear or tear.

Stair Lift

Now reaching to all levels or floors of home for senior citizens or patients has become easy and safe with this Stair Lift. It is available with an exclusive low-profile and cost-effective rail design to ensure to leave enough open space on the steps. It provides high level of quality and comfort to the users with its streamlined operations. It comes with adjustable seat height, call stations and battery isolation switches.


This advanced technology Dumbwaiter is ideally designed for homes, commercial, public, condominiums, and other places to carry objects between multiple floors. It is cost-effective equipment designed with VFD relay logic controller along with LED lights to provide complete ease during installation. The controller is designed to run at 230 Volt 3 phase electric motor having a disc brake along with a manual brake release.

Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair Lift is ideally used in residential as well as commercial buildings to ensure easy movement and transport of disabled persons or senior citizens between the floors. The lift can be easily used in homes, and other commercial places to provide safe and swift access of straight stairs. It easily carries a passenger with a single flight by travelling along the linked rail system. A highly powerful motor and a folding platform are available to allow easy access to stairs.


For us, quality is the supreme concern that we offered in the form of our products. Thus, our professional uses high grade raw materials and modern machineries, act in accordance with set industrial norms and guidelines. The high level of precision in our products helped our customers to keep faith on us.