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Parking Lift & Garage Equipments

Four Post Car Parking Lift

Four Post Car Parking Lift is available with more than 8,000 lb. capacity. It comes with a huge and large cylinder of the size of 3". In addition, it comes with one-piece diamond-plate runways that are painted using scratch-resistant powder. The clearance of 6 inches wide between the column posts ensures to provide the best efficacy. The height of lifting the cars can be adjusted up to 74-3/4".

Two Post Car Parking (Lift Light)

This Two Post Car Parking (Lift Light) is designed for commercial and industrial purposes with a range of features to enhance the performance. This is designed with overhead safety cut-off switch and single point lock release. With symmetric/ asymmetric arm design, it ensures to provide the best performance with complete safety and reliability. In addition, it is also featured with electro hydraulic- clear floor lift and heavy duty hydraulic cylinders.

Two Post Car Parking Lift (Tilting)

Park the car of every size with complete safety at workshops, garages and other industrial spaces with this heavy-duty Two Post Car Parking Lift (Tilting). It comes with mechanical safety latch having automatic engagement to make sure of the maximum safety even at its tilting position. It comes with an automatic arm locking to lock the cars while lifting. Moreover, it automatically unlocks the vehicles when they reach the floor.

Two Post Car Parking (Column Sharing)

This space-saving and economical Two Post Car Parking (Column Sharing) ensures to store and park the cars safely ad securely at industrial as well as commercial spaces. It is available with the synchronization cables to ensure the perfect leveling of the two carriages. This is available with a maintenance-free as well as durable lifting cylinder. In addition, it comes with a high-end laser cut carriages along with arms – robot welding.

Scissor Parking Lift

Scissor Parking Lift is designed with heavy-duty hydraulic drive system to ensure to park 2 cars at a time. To make the access to the vehicle easy as well as swift, the ground space is also used to park the cars once the platform rises in place. It is designed to occupy small space with single stage double oil cylinder lift and automatically balance system. With low noise as well as steady operation, it ensures to work for years to come.

Puzzle Parking

This versatile parking solution comes up to 5-level configurations. This Puzzle Parking is designed with or without pits, hence it has become ideal for a new construction as well as retrofits. It has become perfect for residential, commercial and industrial uses. In addition, it can be easily used indoors or outdoors with at least 11' 7 3/4" height. With scratch proof coating, it ensures no wear and tears for years to come.

Garage Equipments

Garage Equipments are designed to make the processes of workshops and garages efficient, easy and swift. These equipments are developed using high-grade raw materials to add efficacy to the different works and processes. They are heavy-duty equipments designed to provide maximum performance with minimum wear and tear. In addition, they can be easily handled and operated with their ergonomic designs. They are available in different specifications and models according to the needs.

Four Post Car Lift

Four Post Car Lift is designed with extended length as well as capacity to lift the cars of all sizes efficiently. This comes with 9,000 lb. capacity as well as 3" large cylinder. It is a space-saver solution to lift the cars in garages, homes and other industrial sectors. This is rugged and sturdy lift available with fully-automatic options that ensure professional vehicle lifting and storage.

Two Post Car Lift

This Two Post Car Lift is designed to provide an economical and reliable way to lift cars in safe manner. It is available with height and width adjustable options. It can be easily installed to accommodate the smallest to the biggest Cars. It comes with the capacity of more than 6,000 lbs and height of 89". The column height is 64". This is designed with drop-in swivel pads and padded shut-off bar.

Motorcycle Lift Table

This heavy-duty Motorcycle Lift Table is ideal to make a user work on motorcycles by lifting them to a certain height without compromising with the safety. This is designed with sturdy and solid 12-gauge steel along with powder coated finishing to ensure to lift motorcycles in safe manner. This is well-equipped with a hardwearing, rubber padded wheel. Moreover, air over hydraulic power unit makes the lifting easy as well as swift.

Services Cart

Services Cart is designed to keep the products and goods safely with aesthesis appeal. It is designed to fulfill the exact demands of any shop, mall, and other places with sturdy designs, modern structure and efficient performance. This low-maintenance cart is available in different specifications and colors to match up with the varied needs of commercial and industrial spaces. In addition, it is designed in different styles with heavy-duty structure to bear heavy loads easily.

Tool Boxes

Any home improvement, construction or other project requires tools to carry out the work in an easier way. But, these tools should be kept organized to ensure safe, secured and quick processes. To keep them organized, Tool Boxes are the perfect options. These boxes help users keeping everything in its own place to save time and efforts invested to look for the particular tool required for the tasks.

jack stands

Jack Stands are designed by combining the weight of two heavy-duty jack stands to provide complete support to the vehicles and hold them safely off the ground. They are available with an adjustable height to easily position under any car or truck for the purpose of repairing work or storage. Moreover, they are quite portable and compact with sturdy design for making them an ideal addition to auto shop or garage

Toe Jack

Toe Jack is a heavy-duty and durable device designed to lift any kind of loads with very high as well as low clearances. This industrial and dual purpose jack is used for machinery installation, house moving and other applications. It is widely demanded at plant construction sites, shipyards, bridge building and other places to ensure maximum performance. It comes with overload protection valve to prevent lifting loads with maximum capacity.

Electric Winches

These Electric Winches are designed for carrying out erection as well as repair jobs with high proficiency. They are specially designed to lift loads and haul them with their durable and modern designs. They can easily conduct heavy duty works with high-end capacity of up to 2 Ton. In addition, the maximum wire rope speed is 30 M/Min. They are available with worm planetary self locking type gear box.


For us, quality is the supreme concern that we offered in the form of our products. Thus, our professional uses high grade raw materials and modern machineries, act in accordance with set industrial norms and guidelines. The high level of precision in our products helped our customers to keep faith on us.