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Storage & Warehousing Equipments

Cantilever & Pallet Racks

Cantilever and Pallet Racks are considered as an ideal system for handling storage of diverse types of items and materials. These are particularly designed for thinner and long items like beams, steel racks, pre-packed furniture etc, and provide more advantages as compared to the regular shelving. Open designs allow quick access as well as retrieval of specific item on the higher shelves. With more and increased storage space, these enable workers to unload or load items more quickly on the shelves than other racks.

Mould Racks

Use for mold storage, these Mold Racks are of heavy duty construction ranging from a capacity of 1 ton per shelf to any weight. There are options of smaller racks also which are available with crawl which runs along the top side of the rack and helps in easy replacement or removal of molds. These heavy-duty racks are useful in carrying a variety of molds of varying sizes without any hassles. The shelves slide out along the bearings with optional crawl which is used to make the removal and replacement of molds easy.


Designed to store material and carry variety of weights, these racks are basically material handling storage system. There are variety of racks available which allows easy storage of the material in horizontal rows. The innovative design and construction of these storage racks serves a range of storage requirements along with the exacting standards of technical excellence. Flexibility, easy assembling, rigidity and stability are some of the common attributes which makes these suitable for different material handling applications.

Locker and Wall Cabinet

A modular locker cabinet is used for constructing diverse storing solutions. Available in varying heights, the length of the wall cabinet and locker can vary as per the requirement. These lockers offer electronic or mechanical code locks with an option of electronic card keys. These are designed in plethora of colors and materials, several finishes can be used like painted or stained surfaces for the doors, ends and tops. Assigned for personal applications or different users for variety of needs, the storing capacity of the locker can be optimized as required.

Slotted Angle Racks

Used for storage of goods and materials, Slotted Angel Racks are adjustable racks with adjustable shelf height to suit the requirement. Adjustable shelving is considered important as with the frequent change in operations it is probable that the position of the tote boxes will be maneuvered for a location. The cross members can be unclipped or unbolted easily to adjust the height of the shelf at any level. Resistant to corrosion and available with a stable base, these racks are made of robust material to provide longevity and stability to the goods.

Stackable Racks

Stackable racks offer complete flexibility and versatility in any warehouse to have increased efficiency and storage capacity. These are used to store products or goods that are difficult to be double stacked or are stored on the floor, thereby adding density in warehouse. It is easy and quick to assemble, disassemble or even break down for hassle free storage. Used for bulk storage items or products which needs to be stored for long time, these racks reduce product damage.

Foldable Wire Containers

High density, Foldable Wire Containers are stacking storage baskets used for carrying or storing bulk materials easily. It is easy to monitor the levels of products with the help of visible inventory level. These are also provided with drop side gate design which provides convenient access to products even if the bins are fully stacked. These containers can be easily moved using a forklift even when it is fully loaded.

Rotary File Racks

Revolving two-sided storage cabinets, these Rotary File Racks can spin around for maximized storage. These can be locked and are designed with multiple drawer options and shelves to effectively store office supplies, files or any computer media. Since these racks are constructed vertically and have two sides, more items can be stored in less space as compared to traditional forms of file cabinets. Ideal for all businesses, these can also be used for dividing the space and added on shelving units as per the storage needs.

File Cabinets

Available in different drawer options, File Cabinets are an effective method for storage. These enable easy access to files, documents or other possessions without any hassles. These are designed in assorted designs and color options to suit diverse functions and styles and facilitate removal and organization of different documents. Made using varied materials like metal or wood, these cabinets perfectly fit any space and helps in storing valuable records in a timely manner.

Order Picker OP Model

OP Order Picking System is primarily used for order picking longa and heavy loads easily. These are specifically designed for plastic, steel or aluminum profiles for narrow aisle operations. With the help of this picking system, it is easy to take out the product from the rack from one side safely and quickly. The model is applicable for effectively placing light weight profiles in storage with man elevating cabin for picking items as per the orders.

Order Picker Low HT

Low HT Order Picker are one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for quick picking of orders. These are available with lifting or fixed platform with an independent fork lift for either first or second level picking and includes an option for scissor lift for both ground and second level picking. These lifts are best for load shuttling and cross docking and order picking in high warehouse operations and horizontal movement in short distances.

Aluminium Ladder

Being light in weight, Aluminum Ladder is considered as a good option for domestic and commercial applications as it can be easily handled by one person. These are less expensive and does not require regular maintenance as compared to timber or glass fiber ladders. With high weight to strength ratio, these ladders are considerably stronger with high tensile strength. For extra stability, these ladders are provided with rubber feet, locking clamps and even step platforms for more safety at height.

Display Rack

Used for displaying variety of products in one location, a Display Rack can help in effective utilization of space. These are available in variety of forms like racks, stands or shelves to hold items easily and without any hassles. Strong, dependable, stable etc are some of the important attributes in display shelves that are considered while choosing it for any application. Besides, these can be customized in variety of color options, styles and finishes to suit diversified storage or retail needs.

Mezzanine Floor

An intermediate floor between two floors of a building is a Mezzanine Floor which is not usually counted among the total floors of the building. Mostly, these floors have low ceiling, free standing and are in the form of a balcony. These can be easily dismantled or relocated as these are made of aluminum, fiber glass or steel. The decking of this floor varies as per the application but is usually made of b-deck underlayment and wood finished or heavy-duty steel floor.

Mobile Compactor

Mobile Compactors are specifically designed for applications in places where there are restrictions on available space. These are high storage capacity racks and are provided in manual or mechanically operated options as per the requirements and space constraints. Compactors create space within a space as it consumes less space and enhances the capacity thereby preventing goods or items from insect or dust. These are easy to operate and can easily store maximum items in minimum space.


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